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Global Supervisory Skills

In an effort to deliver more innovative, culture specific supervisory training, we partnered with 3M to create the 3M Global Supervisory Training Program.  Development of the 10-module program required facilitating a team of 3M training professionals from 34 countries that spoke 23 languages. The 3M Global Supervisory Training Program (GSDP) has been used in over 100 countries.

Unique aspects of the program include:

• A structure designed to put participants at the center of learning.  It makes learners responsible for preparing for, participating in, and

  using the new knowledge and skills developed.

• 10 modules with four core development areas: Transition to Supervisor, Business & Strategy, Contribution Development, and

  Interpersonal Effectiveness.

A five-part structure:

     1. Pre-Training: This stage of independent developmental experiences happens outside the classroom using a Supervisor's Tool

         Kit and Independent Learning Activities.

     2. Formal Training: Participants complete modules on Transition to Supervisor, Business & Strategy, Contribution Development,

         and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

     3. Post-Training Follow Up:  To keep learners on the path to continuous growth, participants are given on-the-job assignments.     

         These assignments provide continuous application of the leadership skills preesented in the first two stages of training.

     4. Additional Formal Training: This leadership lab experience covers more in depth aspects of Perforrmance Devlopment and

         Business & Strategy.

     5. Extended Learning Opportunities: To continue each participant's learning beyond the scope of the formal GSDP, learners take    

         part in job function-specific training.

• To fit the flexing needs of a global workforce, lo cal trainers conduct activities and learning experiences best fit for that areas'

   culture, goals, and participant needs.

Additional programs Mateffy & Company has developed in partnership with 3M:

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• 3M Orientation to Corporate Responsibility

• 3M New Supervisory Orientation Program

• 3M Alcohol & Other Drugs Prevention Program

• 3M Working with Depression Program

• 3M Supporting a Non-Violent Workplace Program

• 3M Health Care Customer Priority Response Program

• 3M Interviewing Workshop

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Client Comment:

The 3M Global Supervisory Development Program (SDP) is a reality. That is the case, in part, because your company met and exceeded project expectations in every phase of the project. I wanted to particularly acknowledge several high points.  

Concept Development:

You were effective in getting the SDP global team (3M people from 34 countries) to think through what it was they really wanted in a front-line supervisory development program.  

Team Effectiveness:

Your company was willing and able to become part of the 3M team. You were accessible, particularly to me, as the project manager.  

I could count on you, and did count on you!

Customer Response:

It is refreshing to have suppliers of goods and services deliver what was agreed upon. Mateffy and Company not only delivered a high-quality product, it was completed on time, meeting all agreed upon specifications. It isn't often that external development resources are willing to review copy at 6 am to accommodate the customer!

International/Global Implications:

The SDP project is a product for the 3M world. Effective world-wide products that are acceptable to worldwide audiences require design and development efforts based on global input and sensitivity.

It was excellent working with Mateffy and Company! We look forward to future projects.

Donald S.

HR Development Manager

Asia Pacific