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Need a Totally Customized Solution?

At Mateffy & Company we've built our reputation on partnering with clients to create one-off, award-winning training programs.  So if you've been looking for a vendor who can help you develop new solutions to your workforce training needs or help you get the most out of your existing programs, please Contact Us.  Together we'll follow a proven process to create a totally customized training programs.

Step One: Learn about Your Requirements and Specific Needs

We will meet with you to align the training with your organization’s values, culture, training goals, and core

competency development requirements. During this meeting, your training objectives, main teaching points,

and expectations will be established.

Step Two: Value-Driven Proposal

This proposal will demonstrate an accurate understanding of your training program objectives, main teaching points, and expectations and provide an appropriate value-driven solution. We can also show you how to reduce, if not eliminate the cost of developing your training programs.

Step Four: Create a Training Program Blueprint

After receiving a signed agreement, we begin writing a training program Blueprint. This outline will suggest a

breakdown for each module’s:

     •     Learning objectives.

     •     Content to be covered.

     •     Pre-Workshop Assignments to prepare participants for the training.

     •     Assessments to help participants determine their skills levels.

     •     Exercises to reinforce the content and test the learning.

Step Five: Create Training Materials

As the materials and course work are written, we will also speak to a number of training participants, customers and leaders to gather any undiscovered topic needs, real work experiences for case study exercises, and language specific to your industry and organization.

Step Six: Rollout Training Program

As important as any step in our process, step six is critical to your program's success. Our clients have chosen a number of ways to rollout their customized training programs including:

     •     On-line.

     •     At industry and educational conferences.

     •     Using regional training centers.

     •     Through a Train-the-Trainer model.

We offer the Training Facilitation Skills Workshop to assist our clients who want to use their

own staff to deliver their training program. This two-day session is outlined in this catalog within

the Productivity and Communication section.

Step Seven: Evaluate Program Success

To ensure that your training program meets the goals and requirements set out in the proposal, we use a number of evaluation tools to measure the success of each training program. These tools are tailored to appraise the specific qualitative and quantitative results each program is designed to obtain. Qualitative evaluations range from internal perception assessments, to customer satisfaction surveys, to cultural alignment gauges. Our quantitative data capture and analysis uses tools that measure everything from sales percentage changes, to accident reduction data, to productivity impacted by employee engagement levels.

For more information, please Contact Us.