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Training Facilitation Skills

Wanting to sharpen their skills as facilitators and learn more about brain-based learning, hundreds of training professionals have completed our Training Facilitation Skills Workshop.

In the best of all possible worlds, every person on your staff with training responsibilities has the knack for helping people learn new skills. In the real world, this is rarely the case. No matter how well designed and expertly written your training programs are, the person conducting the session is the key to its success or failure. Without a foundational understanding of the principals of great training and effective training facilitation techniques, your courses won't have the impact they could.  The Mateffy and Company Training Facilitation Skills Workshop is an interactive seminar that equips your people with the skills they need to train on any subject.  Topics include:

• Understanding how adults learn.

• What makes training sessions successful.

• Five elements of effective adult learning experiences.

• Rehearse and prepare your training site.

• How to create an environment that engages learners.

• Ways to bring dry material to life.

• Getting every participant involved.

• Six tips for effective speaking.

• Handling signs of confusion or boredom.

• How to check for comprehension.

• How to facilitate group reports.

• How to make role plays really compelling.

• Ways to respond to sticky facilitation situations.

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Client Comment:

I wanted to commend you on a fabulous training session. The supervisors, trainers and I learned some very valuable information. We have already started modifying our training sessions to ensure we are training to the three adult learning groups. I want to thank you for the excellent training session and for making it a positive and fun experience.

Debra Spier, Team Leader

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