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Staying Service Motivated

To motivate and train a staff of several hundred representatives, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama requested a series of Staying Service Motivated Workshops be created and presented.  In the Staying Service Motivated Workshop, service professionals develop a plan for staying engaged.  This fast-paced personal growth session develops the skills customer-driven staff need to maintain a service mindset.  Topics include:

• Leaving your bag of life at the door.

• How transactional thinking is changing customer service.

• The true goal of service.

• 10 value-building ideas that impact service.

• Staying motivated: who's job is it?

• Six steps for developing a personal motivation plan.

• Not letting difficult customers control you.

• Teaching customers how to get the most from you.

• Combating the physical affects of service stress.

To learn practical ways to retain highly engaged workers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN invited its leaders to participate in the

How To Keep Your Most Engaged People Workshop.  For more information please Contact Us.

Client Comments:

I have finished reading all the critique sheets from your seminar and hundreds of employees wrote, "Bring that speaker back!" Your trip was a huge success from our perspective! I can't thank you enough for your efforts.

Susan Pretnar, Operations Manager

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama


Just a line to let you know how much my associates enjoyed your "Staying Service Motivated Seminar". The enthusiasm you exhibited coupled with your vivacious manner were inspirational to our Customer Service Representatives. I look forward to future presentations on staying service motivated.

Tony H Carter, Operations Manager

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama