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Performance Development Services include:

Competency Modeling

Developing fully researched competencies for each position is the foundation for all performance development efforts.  The products of well-written competencies include:

• Job descriptions

• Interviewing worksheets

• Training assessments and cirriculums

• Work planning processes

• Performance/contribution appraisal forms

• Performance improvement plans

Using a proven process, comprehensive competencies are created that incorporate:

• Roles

• Definitions

• Behavioral indicators

• Mastery levels

Employment Interviewing Training and Tools:

We have had the privilege of creating interviewing training program for many organizations, including:

• 3M

• Cargill

• State of Minnesota

• Buffets Incorporated

and many others.  Consider hosting the Hiring Excellence Workshop for your hiring managers.

Additional Performance Development-Related Services:

• Performance/Contribution Development Meeting Skills

• Data-Supported Performance Management

• Performance Improvement Interactions and Documentation

• IT Systems Thinking

• Performance Development Planning

• Work Planning

Mastering Difficult Conversations

• Managerial Courage Training series

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Performance Development - Moving clients toward the fulfillment of their mission, vision and performance goals is at the heart of all our work.