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Employee Engagement

As part of its continuing education program for members, the Professional Golfers of America (PGA) hosted the What Drives You To Work? Workshop™.  

Workshop Description:

How would it change your life if you could find a greater sense of purpose at work?  What would it mean if you could increase your level of job satisfaction today? What if the answers to these questions was already inside you?

Most people search their whole lives trying to find a job that they can fall in love with.  A job that makes the most of their skills, experience, and character qualities.  The reality is, however, that less than 16% of us will ever find such a position.  

So, what does it take to become one of the few people who love what they do?   In a word, the answer is passion.  Passion is the driving force behind thriving at work.  It bridges the gap between merely existing to being fully engaged at work.  If you’re interested in learning what will make you come alive at work, host the next What Drives You To Work? Workshop™.  

Mateffy & Company has developed training for over 100 associations and professional trade organizations, include:

• Golf Course Owners Association

• Golf Course Superintendent's Association

• International Society for Performance Improvement

• International Public Management Association

• Minnesota Park Supervisors Association

• Minnesota Street Supervisors Association

• National Association of Public Works Directors

• National Institute of Government Procurement

• National Safety Council

School Nutrition Association

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Client Comment:

You did a fabulous job at our PGA Fall conference. My work motivators/passions are:

• Being Challenged...difficult situations that occur during the course of a normal day at the golf course.  Why, because I enjoy embracing challenges like when a thunderstorm is rolling in while 100 golfers are hitting away.

• Creative Freedom...managing the golf operation.  Why, I enjoy creating solutions to needs.  Example, renovation of several holes to improve golfer enjoyment and pace of play.  

• Friendship/Laughter/Fun...Enjoyable, high energy environment.

• Responsibility...ability to take ownership of tasks,

• Control...ability to be in charge so I can control my day.  

• Accomplish...reaching a goal.  I enjoy the challenge of reaching for my highest potential.  

Dave T

PGA Head Professional